In 2000 La Portabiti creates Popeen brand, collaborating with designer Fabio Federici.
The entire line is dedicated to the world of childhood, with toys, beds, wardrobes and other furniture for children's rooms, all made with wood and contemporary design.

Wooden furniture with modern design

For over 45 years, Italiadoc, thanks to cooperation with the the Baretti family is passionately dedicated to the production of furniture and home furnishings.
icona produzione italiana

Italian production

All products are designed and manufactured in Italy, making treasure of traditional craftsmanship.

icona certificazioni

Certified quality

The entire production process meets the latest security standards and traceability.

icona aggiornamento

Constantly updated

The products are designed to meet the demands of an ever changing market.


Italiadoc makes wooden furniture for interior and exterior, including: libraries, furniture for bath and sun garden. The exclusive Popeen line offers wooden beds and other furniture for children's rooms, in addition to colorful toys.


International distribution

The forniture signed Italiadoc finds space in retail chains in France, Switzerland and other European countries.

Consolidated is the collaboration with Natalys, who chose the wooden beds and other furniture Popeen for his catalog of children’s rooms and baby products.

partner La Portabiti

Popeen Line

Popeen is a brand of baby products created in collaboration with designer Fabio Federici.
Wooden cots, cribs, dressers and closets combine modern style, innovative features and non-toxic materials.
The perfect line for moms today!


Italiadoc considers paramount investing in certifications and quality patents.

Each product is thoroughly tested by specialized laboratories that verify compliance with the latest regulations on the origin of the materials and the safety of the mechanical properties.

Baretti produts meets the criteria of the FSC certification and UNI EN 71-3, EN 1130-1 / 1130-2 and UNI EN 716-1 / 716-2.


News, updates and insights from The turning Italiadoc and its production.

Your home should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love.

Nate Berkus

Modernity is not about adopting four square-sized pieces of furniture

Gio Ponti


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