In 2000 La Portabiti creates Popeen brand, collaborating with designer Fabio Federici.
The entire line is dedicated to the world of childhood, with toys, beds, wardrobes and other furniture for children's rooms, all made with wood and contemporary design.


Wood becomes the inspiration for the decoration of all rooms, bar none.

Italiadoc produces wood forniture using wood treated with particular water-repellent coatings, that guarantee the long-term resistance.

The wide range of colors meets all requirements and is between more traditional blue and green to bright red.

In particular, Italiadoc offers:

  • furniture for wash basin: they are adaptable to taps and basins of different styles and sizes
  • suspended cabinets: not touching the ground, make the cleaning of the much more practical room
  • furniture with wheels: you can easily move. Particular is the Ginko model: instead have one drawer, the case has “opened” by scrolling.

All models with their specifications, can be found in the downloadable catalog.