In 2000 La Portabiti creates Popeen brand, collaborating with designer Fabio Federici.
The entire line is dedicated to the world of childhood, with toys, beds, wardrobes and other furniture for children's rooms, all made with wood and contemporary design.


Practical, durable and above all with a unique design: the wooden bookcases signed Italiadoc are the furniture ideal for the office and the modern lounge.

The shelves, the rods and the whole structure is designed to create a model in any particular game of geometric shapes and interweaving lines.

The variety of colors is wide and ranges from subtle colors to the more daring.

The structures of all the libraries are made of solid wood, which guarantees the product durability.

Italiadoc also offers modular libraries, which are modular and adaptable to spaces of any size.

All models with their specifications can be found in the downloadable catalog.